Song 9: P.O.S., “Purexed” (2009)


This song makes me homesick for a town where I only lived for five years. Minneapolis is like a universe all its own, with a music community that is vibrant, supportive, and collaborative. Boston, my current home (and hometown) has its many excellent bands, but I miss the collective awareness, the excitement of the Twin Cities music scene. (It’s also possible that having a kid has made me completely oblivious of my musical surroundings; Boston may very well be just as musically alive as Minneapolis. In fact, I hope so.)

Minneapolis has a surprisingly strong hip-hop scene, and P.O.S. stands at its forefront. He’s angry, funny, self-aware, and, most of all, a master songwriter and arranger. If you ever have the chance to catch him live, you must do so. This song exemplifies his arrangement and production skills (and those of his producer, Ant): the way those strobe-like snares in the chorus blend with his calm, melodic voice; how complex phrases like “awkward ligaments” contrast with simple ones like “fuck it.” It’s full of moving parts, all doing their thing.

This video happens to wander around an area very close to where my wife and I lived, and it perfectly illustrates the sense of community that I miss. I even miss all that snow sometimes, but don’t tell anybody I said that.


2 Comments on “Song 9: P.O.S., “Purexed” (2009)”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi stranger! I find myself missing the Twin Cities somedays too. But not the snow…never the snow. Hope you’re well – what a great idea for a blog!

  2. davidcbrusie says:

    Thanks, Laura! Hope you’re well too.

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