Song 12: Fleetwood Mac, “What Makes You Think You’re The One” (1979)


Sometimes you absolutely love a song and, for some reason, nobody else does. That’s the way I feel about “What Makes You Think You’re The One.”

The song comes from Tusk, one of those albums that is supposedly an unheralded classic, but it’s been called an unheralded classic so many times now that the term doesn’t really apply anymore. Fleetwood Mac released the record on the heels of the blockbuster Rumours, and yes, it’s a weirder album than its predecessor, full of moodiness and strange arrangements. But it also has punchy little pop songs like this one, songs that may have sounded strange to Fleetwood Mac fans in 1979 but sound radio-ready today.

So why do I love this song? I’m not sure I can even explain it. I love how the drums seem to be dropped in arbitrarily, which, paired with Lindsey Buckingham’s weird vocal tics, make the narrator sound a little desperate and crazy. But what I love most is the melody, which is so simple. This almost sounds like a long-lost Motown track, the kind of question song Diana Ross might have tackled after “Where Did Our Love Go?”. It wasn’t one of the five singles the band released for Tusk, which I find bizarre.

I’m prepared to remain alone in my love for this song, but I’d rather not. Give it a try.


One Comment on “Song 12: Fleetwood Mac, “What Makes You Think You’re The One” (1979)”

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