Day 13: Raphael Saadiq, “Love That Girl” (NPR Tiny Desk Concert) (2011)


I actually know very little about this one. I’m aware of who Raphael Saadiq is, and I’ve heard a few songs here and there, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about him, except that he was a member of Tony! Toni! Toné and that he has a few critically-acclaimed R&B records under his belt.

But I know that this video is one of my favorite things. He’s just so happy to be playing this song, and why wouldn’t he be? It’s an unabashedly happy song, played by two very good guitarists and sung by a very good singer. It’s like a picture of contentment. It’s also kind of novel to hear a soul song arranged for two acoustic guitars, though played by guitarists as good as these guys, “novel” isn’t quite the word.


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