Song 40: Nada Surf, “Blizzard of 77” (2002)


Oh my god there is a shitload of snow outside.

Whenever this happens, I think of this song, specifically the line “the cars were just lumps in the snow.” That about sums it up, doesn’t it? It’s what I notice first when I wander out after a snowstorm, how everyday objects are now unrecognizable.

That’s the first line in this song, and the confusion gets worse from there – “it’s blurry even without light.” I’m guessing this is a love song, though it’s hard to tell if the “we” in “we’re always doing damage control” refers to a couple or just human nature. Either way, it’s hard to be a person.

I love the point in this song, right at the “blurry even without light” line, when the melody takes a surprising turn. I don’t know why it’s surprising, musically, but it’s not what my ear expects, and I think it’s a beautiful moment.


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