Song 51: Jessie Ware, “Wildest Moments” (2012)


There’s an interesting interview with Jessie Ware in the most recent issue of Under the Radar (I can’t find a link to the piece, sorry) in which she claims that “Wildest Moments” is a song about friendship. I found this very surprising. The thing sounds for all the world like a song about a romantic and/or sexual relationship (“We come together every time”; “We lose ourselves at night”), so I’m not sure I believe her.

I like the idea, however. There aren’t many adult songs about friendship, specfically about the way we sabotage those relationships, consciously or not. I suppose there are enough similarities between platonic and romantic love that it doesn’t really matter, and I think it’s to Ware’s credit that it’s not entirely clear what she’s singing about. (The other example that comes to mind is Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” which seemingly offers a friendly shelter from the storm and features the lyrics “Come in to me.”) The question isn’t distracting, which means we can just sit back and take in this gorgeously hazy piece of pop.


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