Song 58: Annie Lennox, “Walking On Broken Glass” (1992)


There’s a running joke between my friend Sam and me that I like any hip-hop song featuring a piano. It’s basically true, and whatever it is that I like about the piano-beats combination is also what I like about “Walking On Broken Glass”, a song that features some synthetic drums and tinkly piano.

This is a song that I always forget I love until it comes on the radio. I don’t remember where I first heard it–probably MTV on a Saturday afternoon–but it’s stuck with me since then, albeit in the back of my mind. I think what makes it work so well is the contrast between Annie Lennox’s low voice and the high pitch of the piano and the strings. Not to mention the fact that it is catchy, punchy, and, like the Eurythmics’s best work, very well-produced.

It should be noted that the video features John Malkovich in his Dangerous Liaisons role and Hugh Laurie in his Blackadder role. This is very silly. I am just saying.


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