Song 73: Eels, “Fresh Feeling” (2001)


We finally got a glimpse of spring yesterday, after a challenging winter. Well, that’s all a lite exaggerated–we had some warm weather a month or two ago, and it was only within the past month that we got snowstorm after snowstorm. New England winters are like that: the nice weather seems fleeting, the lousy weather seems to last an eternity. Or maybe it’s just that New Englanders need something to complain about at all times.

At any rate, the first signs of spring around here are always very welcome, no matter how much you like winter. I happen to love winter, but the grayness and piles of snow were starting to wear on me, and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wear a giant coat for a while.
When this weather first pops up, I usually listen to “Fresh Feeling,” a song that reminds me of spring. Not many people can get away with singing about a “fresh feeling,” but E has an honesty about him, even in his detachment, that makes it work. And songs like these–songs about contentment and renewal, however temporary, sound especially sincere coming from E, whose songs (and life experiences) can be bleak.
So, here’s to springtime, to Opening Day at Fenway, to open windows. I probably just jinxed us all, but sometimes you just have to take that chance.

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