Song 79: Jarvis Cocker, “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time” (2006)


I. Love. This. Song.

Why everybody doesn’t love this song and talk about it all the time is beyond me. I think the production is great, the arrangement is great, the vocals are great, the melody is great. Jarvis Cocker wrote the song for Nancy Sinatra, who sang it on her self-titled record (co-produced by Cocker). The best moment? When the Beach Boys harmonies come in for “he can kiss you where the sun don’t shine.” Sunshine, Jarvis Cocker style.

A friend of mine likes to say that Pulp won the Oasis vs. Blur “war” of the nineties, and I tend to agree. They came out of the scuffle looking like the cool kids who didn’t care about the hype, all while making great music. I don’t know why Cocker hasn’t done more solo work, because his two solo records (2006’s Jarvis, which this song leads off, and 2008’s Further Complications) are winners.

The video is also great, but I won’t spoil it for you.


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