Song 88: Franz Ferdinand, “Walk Away” (2005)

franz ferdinand - you could have it so much better (front)

Franz Ferdinand’s second album doesn’t get much attention, and I’m not sure why that is. It’s definitely not a bad record — in many ways, I think it’s just as good as its self-titled predecessor. I think the hype machine simply ate it up and spat it out, and the blogs and hipsters were on to the next thing.

It really is a very good record. The single “Do You Want To” was fun (if something of an obvious “Take Me Out” sequel), and there were some songs that developed the Franz Ferdinand sound from dance-punk to a Kinks-like brand of British Invasion songwriting. “Eleanor Put Your Boots On” was one step in that direction, and “Walk Away” was another.

This song sounds like it’s been around forever, which means it’s a little hard to notice at first. But then its uber-catchy chorus gets stuck in your head, and you realize that Alex Kapranos’s voice is perfectly suited for wryly romantic songs like these. There aren’t many people who can sing “la la la la” along with a guitar solo, but he’s apparently one of them.


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