Song 130: Indigo Girls, “Least Complicated” (1994)


I wasn’t into the Indigo Girls until I heard Swamp Ophelia. Say what you will about the duo, but that record is excellent, and it’s held up remarkably well over the years. The production is impeccable, the arrangements are simple but interesting, and the songs are good, with a couple of exceptions (I’m looking at you, lyrics to “Power of Two”).

This was the first song I heard from Swamp Ophelia, and I loved it immediately. The punchy percussion, the out-of-left-field pennywhistle, the catchy melody: it all combines for a fun, bittersweet pop song. The video is fun, too, with lyrics, chord changes, and lots of information. Swamp Ophelia was the Indigo Girls’ peak (unless you consider their fine live album 1200 Curfews, which came out a year later).


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