Song 134: The Breeders, “Cannonball” (1993)


In another successful attempt to make me feel 1,000 years old, The Breeders’ Last Splash was recently released in a 20th anniversary edition. I don’t remember much about this song or that record coming out, I just remember “Cannonball” being around. That bassline was like the cannonball in the video, rolling, rolling, rolling, crashing into whatever stood in its way. It permeated everything and seemed to be everywhere. (It will also always remind me of Michael Ian Black buying pants.)

“Cannonball” seems to be a few songs at once: the call-to-arms intro, the monstrous bassline, the “coo-coo-cannonball,” and that majestic chorus. It’s all so very nineties, but it doesn’t sound dated; it sounds as fierce as it ever did. Kim Deal seemed to take some musical lessons from the Pixies when she started this band with sister Kelly, because both bands share that timeless fierceness.

Founding Breeders member Tanya Donnelly recently joined the band onstage in Boston, and the audience’s joy and excitement is palpable. No matter how dark the songs could be, the Breeders always seemed to bring out the pogo-ing, sneering rock kids in all of us. We need more Breeders.


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