Song 162: Panda Bear, “Comfy In Nautica” (2007)


I’ve never been a big Animal Collective fan, and I’m not sure why. They just don’t grab me in the same way they grab others. But I am a big fan of Panda Bear’s record Person Pitch, which blends Animal Collective’s sound with … what, exactly?

Describing what a song sounds like is one of the fun parts of this blog, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a way to describe “Comfy In Nautica.” I definitely hear the influence of Brian Wilson (vocally and melodically), but from there I’m stumped. Maybe it’s a compliment to Noah “Panda Bear” Lennox (who is getting some well-deserved attention from Daft Punk’s new record) that he has created something mesmerizing that’s hard to describe.

In one interview, Lennox describes the record as “sunny,” which I can definitely see: these songs are airy and light, with plenty of space for sunlight to shine through. He says the mood of Person Pitch reflects the climate and feel of Lisbon, where he was living when he wrote and recorded the album. It certainly sounds like it’s from a particular time and place; I wouldn’t have guessed Portugal, but there you go.

In that same interview, Lennox shrugs off Beach Boys comparisons: “I certainly don’t want to sound like anybody else if I can, it’s not like I was like ‘I really wanna do sweet Beach Boys things over this jam.’ But at the same time it’s totally an honor to be compared to that sort of thing cause those are some of the sweetest jams ever. The one thing that bothers me about it is when people are like, ‘he tries to sing just like Brian Wilson.’ I can’t help the way my voice sounds.”

Not a bad problem to have.


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