Song 205: The Submarines, “Anymore” (2011)


Can a rhythm be catchy? After I heard “Anymore” for the first time, it was the rhythm of the verses, those rat-a-tat syllables punching pinholes in this sweet song, that got stuck in my head. In a refreshing reversal, the chorus is an afterthought.

I’ve been trying to figure out if the drums in this song use the “Bo Diddley beat” in driving home that rhythm, and I think it pops up occasionally, most notably at the one-minute mark. But it goes away, and then comes back, among other rhythmic and instrumental changes. That’s another thing I love about this song: despite singer Blake Hazard’s consistent delivery, the song is all over the place, which I think works well for this song about what doesn’t work in a relationship. And the production is impeccably varied, as if the narrator is trying to figure out which approach would help her most in making her case.

The Submarines have their fans, but I don’t think they get their due as songwriters. “Anymore” is the song that closes out their record Love Notes/Letter Bombs, and it’s a great ending.


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