Song 233: Delta Spirit, “Trashcan” (2008)


Delta Spirit builds “Trashcan” from the ground up, like a house: the clicking percussion lays a foundation, the piano surrounds the site like walls, and the rhythm section caps everything, like a roof.

I love the way this song introduces itself, and the way that the drums and bass unexpectedly cut the rhythm in half. Until that moment, you’re not sure whether the entire song will be as frantic as its first eight bars. Of course, the song isn’t unfrantic, it’s just frantically self-assured. Matt Vasquez sings the hell out of this song, especially in the chorus, when it sounds like he’s reaching an epiphany about what he wants. I hear lots of influences in this song, but I think the Rolling Stones come most to mind, from the wry lyrics (“My mother’s well-spoken, no I didn’t get that gene”) to Vasquez’s Jagger-esque commitment to his vocals.

“Trashcan” was reportedly named after the object that provided part of the song’s percussion, but I think it works as a description of the song as a whole. Not because it sounds like garbage, but because it sounds like a big mess in a small space. Even though I said it was a house. OK, I’m mixing my metaphors. Just listen to the song.


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