Song 248: Peter Gabriel, “Come Talk to Me” (1992)


I run hot and cold on Peter Gabriel. I always respect him, but songs like “Games Without Frontiers” and “Shock the Monkey” really don’t do much for me. I’m even not so sure about “Sledge Hammer,” a song I desperately want to like but just can’t get into.

But then there are Peter Gabriel songs that are so warm, full, and inviting that there’s no way I couldn’t love them. “Come Talk to Me” is one of those songs. Fittingly, this infectious song is begging you to come closer, to engage, to not only listen but talk. The song is a Daniel Lanois production, so as much as the thumping, snapping drums provide clarity, the overall sound is hazy and unclear, like Gabriel is yelling through the ether.

“Come Talk to Me” is reportedly about Gabriel’s estrangement from his wife and daughter, which makes his pleading all the more intense. He tries his damnedest, especially on the chorus, when the skies open up and the song feels airy and light. I’d talk to him in a second.


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