Song 284: Big Boi, “Back Up Plan” (2010)


For the longest time, I thought of Big Boi as the more serious half of Outkast. When he put out Sir Lucius Left Foot, I was surprised at how original and funny so much of it was. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all; this is, after all, the writer of lines like “Drip drip drop here comes an eargasm,” among many gems. Just because Andre wears fancy suits and tells you to shake it like a Polaroid picture doesn’t mean his colleague isn’t capable of some crazy stuff of his own.

My favorite part may just be the song’s central line, that silly “Boo I got a backup plan to the backup plan to back up my backup plan.” It’s just funny, it’s quick, and it’s a good foundation for a funny, quick hip-hop song. Like many Big Boi joints, this one’s pretty filthy, but he commits to its filthiness in a way that’s clever and musically impressive. And it’s a perfect closing track to an album that’s eclectic and masterfully arranged, the rare long-delayed record that’s worth the wait.

And on a final note, always remember, readers: put your back into it like your grandma do it.


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