Song 310: Daryl Hall and John Oates, “When the Morning Comes” (1973)


You guys, I had no idea. For the past few years, I’ve been griping about the hipsters’ renewed (or first-time-ever?) interest in Hall & Oates. Why, I wondered, was something previously considered worthless schlock suddenly perceived as great? But you guys—Hall & Oates.

I still think that kind of thing is bullshit, but I hadn’t seriously listened to the duo (who, fun fact!, never officially called themselves “Hall & Oates”) before. Sure, I’d heard them before—for one thing, my sister bought the “So Close” cassingle back in the day—but I didn’t know how good some of the songs were.

Case in point: “When the Morning Comes,” the first track from the duo’s third record, Abandoned Luncheonette. Sure, the falsetto’s a little much, but I love the overall vibe of the song, which is mellow without being catatonic. And there’s a sweet sadness to the song, especially in lines like “I’ve got nowhere to go so I can go anywhere.” It sounds like the narrator is fooling himself, but with a sense of purpose, like fooling himself is the only logical solution to his problem.

With all due respect to Messrs. Hall and Oates, I’m still not sure songs like “Maneater” stand the test of time. But the pair is capable of greatness, and this song is proof.


One Comment on “Song 310: Daryl Hall and John Oates, “When the Morning Comes” (1973)”

  1. dope album indeed. i’ve been meaning to listen to it after reading an AllMusic review. turned it on this morning and before i knew it i had listened front to back, no skips. really great album

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