Song 320: Homie, “American Girls” (1998)


Good music can pop up in the weirdest places. Look at that soundtrack album art up there, for instance. Would you ever guess that a movie called Meet the Deedles (whose budget could only produce that terrible soundtrack art) could snag a song featuring members of Weezer, Cake, and Soul Coughing? No, you would not.

But that’s just what happened. It was probably just one of those music business things that made it end up on the soundtrack to a shitty Disney movie about surfers, but it’s a shame, because the song is pretty great. You can hear each band’s influence—Weezer’s pop sense (and Rivers Cuomo’s lyrics about sexual inferiority), Cake’s whip-smart guitars, Soul Coughing’s jazzy abstraction.

Collaborations like this don’t usually work out. I remember being pretty excited about The Bens—that would be Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Ben Kweller— but it added up to less than the sum of its parts. I’m sure it’s hard to not only collaborate musically but to make the final product sound like your respective bands. Homie, which never released another song, did just that.


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